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  • Paramount Home Collections

    The Only place For Handicrafts

    The reflection of your home is our identity. We take pleasure in decorating your home with our vision.

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    (S31864F115F85) VOTIVE- Handcrafted metal votives a small and colorful product which guards your table, floors & other surfaces from burned wax as well as gives you pleasure to make your home more bright & gives you the likely feel. It gives you chance to make your dinner a candle light dinner at your home only. A small and attractive product which can be yours only in few pennies.

    Wall Scone

    (S35175F590) WALL SCONE- Metal wall scone a no electrical handcrafted product which gives you the same lighting feel by using candle, makes your walls more attractive & the beautiful etched surface and rich ultimate gives it worth to be the other half of your gorgeous walls & elegant home.


    (S34856F51) LANTERN- Small metal with glass combination lantern a handcrafted product which is being developed with the hands, The amalgamation of the technique of this lovely product attracts the desire. It makes your home more beautiful and you can get this magnificence only by spending some pennies.

    Moroccan Table

    (S33804F3) MOROCCAN TABLE- The metal moroccan table which has been developed after considering the globel taste & preference, the beautiful product comes with a combination of rich & sober look, handicraft feel, plating top gives the attraction and powder coated base provides the relief to your excitement. The astonishing portion is that this is a knock down product having very low weight so that it is portable and will come in a small box by saving huge volume.

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